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  • Work/Life Balance

    Do you often find yourself saying “I’ll work a little late today but tomorrow I’ll stop work on time”…?

    Do you keep wanting to have time for hobbies and friends but there never seems to be time?

    Does your partner or friends get frustrated with you for working so much, and accuse you of caring more about work than you do about them?

    If you related to these statements, you might be out of balance when it comes to work vs. your private life.

    Why does a work/life balance matter?? It matters because our bodies and minds need down-time to relax and recharge. When we push ourselves past a healthy point and don’t allow for recharge, we risk burnout, health issues, and maybe even risk acquiring issues with caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol & drugs to keep going at such an unhealthy pace.

    I can help you identify where you’re out of balance, why, and how to dial that back, getting you back to a healthy balance of work and personal life.